You might not be aware that in addition to Google, Twitter and Facebook, there are now over 150 different online directories that have information on YOUR business.   Unfortunately, recent studies revealed that around 95% of people searching for a local business like yours, found information that was either incomplete or totally inaccurate!   Some of the incorrect information commonly found was; the wrong name of the company, an inaccurate phone number and even a wrong or outdated address.

That’s where Renaissance Associates comes in!  Our On-Line Marketing Department will provide you with a FREE, 2 page, detailed analysis on your website which will include your SEO score.  In addition, your report also includes a Mobile Responsiveness Check-Up as well as an Online Directory Review.

And if you need help getting things cleaned up, Steve Suiter, our On-Line Marketing Manager is available to give you a FREE consultation.  He’ll walk you through the different steps that you can take to help improve your Online Footprint, including working with you to help improve your website!

So if you’re a business that wants to make it easier for your Future Customers to be able to find YOU, then simply fill out the form and within a few days, we’ll send out your FREE Report!