Renaissance Merchant Cash Advance Program

How Would your Business Improve if you had Better Access to Working Capital?

Traditional small business lending sources have virtually dried up as a result of the financial crisis, with billions less in small business loans contracted in the last two

years. If you‘ve been forced to rely on credit cards to augment cash flow, a less costly option is available through our  Merchant Cash Advance program.


How Does it Work?


Simply sign our  Merchant Cash Advance contract, agreeing to sell a portion of your future credit card sales at a discount and receive a lump sum cash payment.

A specified percentage of your credit card sales are remitted to repay the Cash Advance during your standard settlement process with First Data each day.

The specified percentage is a fixed amount and may only change upon mutual agreement.

What would Extra Cash Flow do for your Business?

You have complete flexibility on putting your cash advance funds to work:



Website development

Tap into New Funds Quickly and Easily

With a simple, one page application form and no application fees, you can make use of cash advance funds in as little as 3-5 days.


High approval rates

Minimal documentation requirements

Speedy funding

Unlike a loan, no fixed payment schedule