Renaissance Associates was founded in October 1997 by a small group of industry veterans who had the goal of providing professional personalized service at the lowest cost possible to merchants around the United States.

In the years since our inception, we have successfully grown our business to become one of the largest privately owned and self-financed merchant service providers in the country. We are consistently ranked by the Nilson Report in the top 70 largest merchant acquirers in the country.

How did a small private company become a major player in the bankcard business? Like any successful company, it is all about the people. The owners and managers of Renaissance, who had all worked for different banks and companies in the merchant processing business, began recruiting known, experienced, professional sales and support personnel starting day one. In fact our average sales representative has 12 years industry experience. Unlike most of our competition, the sales personnel were offered a compensation package that provided them ongoing financial incentive to keep servicing your business for as long as you are a client.

With offices in Long Island, New York, North Palm Beach, Florida and Dallas, Texas, we have support redundancy to ensure you uninterrupted service. In addition, we have local sales agents from Vermont to the Rockies. We look forward to you joining our family of thousands of satisfied clients.