First Data Payeezy

A simple, reliable and secure payment gateway solution that meets your online payment acceptance needs today and your growth plans for tomorrow.

Go Beyond: Payeezy 

Whether you are just starting a new business, looking for a more PCI compliant website solution or wanting to seamlessly integrate payment processing to your website, the Payeezy solution makes it easy to accept a wide range of payments and manage your payment transactions anytime, anywhere. A highly intuitive web-based interface and simple API’s allow you to remove the complexity of accepting card-not-present payments quickly and easily, keeping your focus on operating and growing your business.

First Data Advantages

The Payeezy offers advanced payment functionality built for any size merchant through flexible and simple integration and set-up options. Our payment gateway solution is backed by an extensive set of online support tools as well as a dedicated support team available to answers questions whenever they arise.

Easily Integrated Technology

Simple API’s and web-based interfaces to meet any level of programming skill

Extensive payment options and features are accessible through a single interface

Broad range of shopping cart compatibility

Enables a simple and safe online shopping experience

Ability to offer traditional (V, MC, Amex, Discover) and alternative payment (PayPal) options through a single process

Secure and compliant payment gateway with redundant infrastructure and 24/7 availability

Reliability and scalability to meet growth needs

Dependable processing capabilities to speed transactions and improve the flow of funds

Advanced technology and processing capabilities available to meet the demands of your business growth

Advanced Reporting

Dynamic reporting capabilities to create and manipulate transaction reports to better analyze and understand payment activity

Vast array of search capabilities to locate any type of transaction with little to no background information

Dedicated Support

Comprehensive integration guides, user instruction and online support tools to simplify every step from integration to reporting and analytics

Direct, 24/7 access to a dedicated merchant support team to expedite issue resolution

Advanced Functionality

Credit/Debit Card Acceptance

Simple Batch processing interface

Gift Card Processing

PayPal Integration

Level II/III Processing

Soft Descriptors

International Payment Processing

Multiple Currency Support

Fraud /Velocity Controls

AVS/CVV Processing

3D Secure

TransArmor (tokenized transactions)

Real-time, dynamic reporting capabilities

Integrated Recurring Billing (fixed and variable amount)

Customizable Receipts

Interface Options

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM): secure, web-based system enables your internet connected computer to process individual or batch transactions, pull reports and administer options that fit your business needs.

Works as a base gateway entry point for the no matter what interface option is used

Back-office web product to easily look up transaction activity, service customers and reconcile your online store

Functionality includes detailed reporting, transaction dashboard, virtual point-of-sale terminal, transaction history search, user administration and more

Hosted Checkout: quickly and easily add payment processing to your website with hosted customizable and secure checkout pages to collect sensitive billing information.

Payment processing is completely hosted by First Data and facilitates PCI DSS compliance

Reduce interchange fees with support through purchase card level III detail

Rapidly integrate payment processing into your website

Web Service API: allows merchant and/or third-party applications to process transactions through the gateway via a secure SSL encrypted session.

Service to connect the gateway directly with your web application for a seamless customer experience

Enables a range of processing scenarios for flexibility in implementing custom business logic

Helps you gain platform independence; offers ease of integration and transaction security